Dream Interpretation: Money Dreams

Money dreams could be among the most exciting dreams to have. For one thing, when people dream about money, suddenly everyone is willing to believe in prophetic dreams. Sadly, dreams about money are no more likely to be prophetic than ordinary dreams. Still, your subconscious is trying to tell you something, and it may pay to listen.


Money is, of course, most closely tied with prosperity and wealth. When you dream of money, and it's a happy dream, it could be that you feel confident that financial success and security are in reach.

Dreaming of money could also be symbolic of your confidence in yourself. Whether the issue is wealth, love, health or something else, you feel certain that you will "hit the jackpot" or get it "right on the money".

Losing Money

A distressing dream may be in the form of losing money. This can be disheartening, but it may be telling you that you lack confidence or self-esteem. You don't know that you have the drive, the power or the ability to succeed and you're frustrated over what you may miss out on because of your shortcomings.

Money and Love

Money can also be a sign of love and affection in your dreams. It's what you have to give other people. Giving out money in dreams, taking money, spending money, etc., may all be speaking of how you give and receive love. Look very closely at the dream-- is someone greedily taking from you? Are you desperate to give? Perhaps you are feeling neglected or that someone is taking advantage of you. Are you showering your loved ones with money, making them happy? Perhaps you have a great capacity to love.

Money is Power

Dreams about money can also be dreams about control. If someone is stealing money, you may be worried that someone is trying to control you or use you. If you are paying someone for something, it may indicate that you feel you have power over the person—or at least that you have the desire to have power over them.

Financial Worries

Another common dream involving money relates to financial concerns. It’s not unusual to dream about money, bills, financial problems, bad news or even good news like hitting the lottery when you are having money problems in your real life. This is just your subconscious mind either playing out your worst fears or your greatest fantasies.


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