Dream Interpretation: What Does It Mean To Dream About Snakes?

If a snake has recently slithered into your dream, you may be having trouble making heads or tails of it. Not surprisingly, snakes are archetypes that are fraught with symbolism. However, there are a lot of different ways that they can be interpreted.

Phallic Symbol

Freud would have a field day with a snake dream; he saw snakes as primarily a phallic symbol. Most often, snakes are feared creatures, so seeing a snake in your dream may represent an aversion to sex, or a fear of sexual intimacy.

Times have changed, though, and it's quite possible that a snake representing sex in your dream could symbolize attraction or sexual desire. Consider how the snake makes you feel-- does it threaten you? Frighten you? Or do you find it alluring and interesting?


If you're familiar with the term "snake in the grass", then you know that snakes are often seen as mistrustful, deceptive creatures. This symbolism largely comes from Christianity. The serpent in Eden-- the devil disguised as a snake- is the one who manipulates Eve, convincing her to eat the forbidden fruit. It's not a far stretch to think of why the snake got a bad reputation, since these creatures slither along, hiding in the grass and under rocks, striking unexpectedly.

A snake in your dream could be telling you that you're sensing someone in your life is deceptive or mistrustful. You may want to examine your relationships, because subconsciously you might be picking up on someone's lies or manipulation.

Lucky Symbol

In eastern cultures, the snake takes on an entirely different meaning. The snake is seen as a symbol of good luck and fraught with wisdom. In the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the snake are considered to be wise, analytical, intelligent and graceful. Seeing a snake in this case would be a good sign-- if the snake tells you something it would be considered wise to heed it.

Snake's Behavior

What the snake is doing can be very telling. Is the snake wrapping itself around you, squeezing you, making it hard to breathe? You may feel that someone is putting the squeeze on you in your waking life, or you may be struggling with some aspect of yourself. Is the snake coiled, or striking? Something is perceived as a threat-- something that may be "toxic" in your life. Perhaps the snake is shedding its skin-- which may indicate that you're reinventing yourself or experiencing a renewal of some sort.

When it comes down to interpreting a snake dream, it's important to consider what they represent to you and how they make you feel. These feelings are going to be the underlying reason your subconscious is manifesting messages in the form of a snake.


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